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Anti-Obesity Awareness
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Anti-Obesity Awareness

Obesity has become a major health issue across the world. It was once considered a problem only in developed countries but now it has significantly risen in India, especially in urban settings.

According to WHO and National Family Health Survey, 73 per cent of urban Indian population is overweight and almost 1/2 is obese.

Obesity and overweight are defined as the abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that might have a negative effect on the health. Obesity is measured by Body Mass Index (BMI). It is a statistical measurement derived from height and weight. BMI of 25 is considered overweight and a BMI of 30 is obese.

Impact of Obesity

Being overweight or obese brings significant health risk factors for High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Osteoarthritis, Depression, Sleep Apnea, Back Pain, Heart Disease, and even Cancer. Several studies have shown that women tend to put on more weight as compared to men and similarly, the older you grow, the more you tend to be overweight. The highest increase is generally in the age group of 50-60 years.

Factors that Lead To Obesity

• Genetics

• Not Sleeping Enough

• Sedentary lifestyle

• Consuming too Many Calories

• Lack of Physical activity

• Psychological Reason such as boredom, sadness, stress or anger result in excessive eating

Tackling Obesity

Despite the higher prevalence of obesity in the older age group, preventive measures should be directed at younger age group.

 Here are few points to keep in mind

• Ditch the lift and take the stairs

• Exercise Regularly

• Live a stress-free life by Meditation and Breathing exercises

• Eat small and frequent meals and Never Skip Breakfast

• Include high fibre foods as it keeps you full and avoid fried food, red meat and limit eating outside

Eat right to lose weight. You Have a Choice, Make the Change.

On Anti-Obesity Day let us endeavour to raise awareness which will shape the destiny of India and take it towards a healthy future.

Anti-Obesity Awareness

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