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Boost your Health with Herbs
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Across the continents and cuisines, herbs play an important role in imparting flavour to the dishes and making them more nutritious. Herbs are dense in nutrients and have high amount of Vitamins and Minerals with a minimum level of fats and almost no cholesterol.

Herbs are used in small amounts in the food to impart flavour. They have excellent health benefits, especially when consumed in raw form. Herbs optimise immune function and fight radicals effectively. Herbs also promote digestion, clean gastrointestinal tract, reduce the chances of colon cancer, reduce cholesterol, maintain ideal blood pressure, alleviate bad odour, reduce bone loss, ensure the dental health, improve brain function and aid in weight loss.

These are just some of the common health benefits that herbs offer. For details, read on to know how different herbs can help you to progress towards better health.

Herbs Health Benefits

Fennel/Saunf – works as a great Antioxidant, is an excellent source of Vitamin C and improves the overall texture of the skin and makes your skin glowing and flawless.

Oregano – boosts the immune system, helps to rejuvenate and energise the body, and aids in digestion.

Nigella/Kalonji – helps relieve bloating and constipation, relieves a severe headache, toothache, nasal congestion and is a natural way to birth control as it initiates menstruation.

Mace/Javitri – increases memory, is a stress reliever, boosts blood circulation and eradicates bad breath and also prevents certain dental problems.

Boost your Health with Herbs

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