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Shop Smart this Holiday Season|Awareness
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December is the time when presents are given in abundance, to celebrate, congratulate and show gratitude to people we love. Holiday season also means toys and gifts for children. However, sometimes the excitement and desire to get your children their favourite toys may cause you to forget about safety factors associated with them.  

December is observed as Safe Toys and Gift Month for alerting the shoppers to be careful when choosing toys and gift and also to keep in mind the safety as well as suitability. Knowing what to look out for in safe toys and gifts can make a big difference in preventing injuries. Here are some tips you can keep in mind:

•    Read All Labels and Warnings on Toy Box
When buying toys look for labels such as age recommendations, assembly instructions, the material used in making toy, proper use, and supervision. These will give you an idea of suitability and safety issues.

•    Don’t Purchase Toys with Sharp Points, Rods, Spikes or Dangerous Edges
When you purchase toys for kids, always opt to buy toys with smooth edges, and toys which do not have rods, spikes or dangerous edges. Toys with rough edges may hurt the child and cause injury.

•    Purchase Toys that Meet the Safety Standards of Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) 
Toy makers use phthalates to make plastic toys supple and chewy. This chemical happens to be very toxic so avoid the toys which contain phthalates. Look for the mark of BIS on the toy as the toys with this label are safe for children. 

•    Buy Age Appropriate Toys
Toys are of various types, shapes, and sizes. When buying toys for kids up to age three, avoid very small toys and toys with small components such as beads and buttons. Buy toys which the child can use easily according to his/her age.

•    Inspect Toys Before Giving to Children
If you discover there is some issue with the toy you can distract your child with another toy and try to either repair the unsafe feature, such as removing small pieces or quickly replace it with something more suitable. If the gift is from someone outside the family, it is a good idea to inspect the gift quickly to ensure that it's safe to play with.

•    Store Toys Properly After Play to Avoid Accidents
Keep a big box for the storage of toys and urge your kids to clean up after play. If your kid is up to 3 years then you can clean up the room. Doing this can avoid accidents that can occur by tripping over the toys. 

•    Show Children How to Use the Toys Safely
Take time to explain your kids how to use the toy. If your kid is aware how to use the toy properly and is also aware how easily it can be broken, then they need to be alerted to take care of it in advance. 

By taking proper precautions and providing age-appropriate toys, you can protect your child from injury. 

Happy Holidays!!!


Shop Smart this Holiday Season|Awareness

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