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Tribute to Bapu|Anti-Drug Addiction Day| Swachh Bharat
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The National Anti-Drug Addiction Day is observed on 2nd October across the country. It is observed to mark the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi who condemned the use of drugs. The aim of National Anti-Drug Addiction Day is to make India free from drug and to preserve the talent.

National Institute on Drug Abuse has characterized Drug Addiction as a complex chronic brain disease. People who have drug addiction experience a compulsive and uncontrollable craving for drugs.

Drugs are one of the greatest evils of our society, it not only affects the individual but the whole society as well. It causes loss of ability to make decisions and take precedence over career, family, friends, and civic sense. Most people take drugs for fun and curiosity while some succumb to peer pressure. Some people even misuse life-saving medicines as drugs.

Adverse Effects of Drugs

  • Health Problems
  • Memory Disorders
  • Anxiety, Depression and Sleep Disturbances
  • Decreased Immunity
  • Heart Diseases

Drug addiction may be difficult to deal with but recovery is possible. There are ways to deal with drug addiction.

  • Support – it is essential for recovery. When you have the support of your loved ones, treatment and recovery become easier.
  • Acceptance – decide that you want to make a change and stop using drugs.
  • Rehabilitation – it is an important part of the treatment. It involves addressing various aspects of your life including personal as well as professional life. It also involves getting ready to face the world again.
  • Stay Away From Addicts – change your social circle if they are the ones who got you into this habit in the first place. The chances of dealing with addiction are higher if you stay away from people who can lead you to such temptation.
  • Distract Yourself – keep yourself busy and occupied. Pick a new hobby, get a pet, and set new goals. Relapse can be effectively prevented when you feel you have meaning to life.

If you want to quit tobacco but are confused how to do it,   join mCessation program of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Where there is a will, there is a way.

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan was launched on this day in 2014 to fulfill Gandhiji’s vision of Clean India.

Tribute to Bapu|Anti-Drug Addiction Day| Swachh Bharat

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