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Universal Health Coverage
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Universal Health Coverage means that Everyone Everywhere has access to Quality Healthcare Services without suffering financial hardships. Health is important and so is the access to health care. As global citizens, we know this is important, but

  • 1 billion people worldwide lack basic health care and 100 million fall prey to poverty every year while trying to access needed services.
  • 20-30% of health expenditures are wasted in most countries.

Health is a human right and a cornerstone of sustainable development and global security. It is a solution that can stop world’s biggest killers such as HIV, TB, Malaria, Cancer and Heart Diseases. It can help build resilience to threats like climate change and disease outbreaks and put us on a path to ending poverty.

Reasons why Health for All Matters

  1. No One Should Go Bankrupt When They Get Sick

Lack of affordable and quality health care pushes families and nations into poverty.

  1. Universal Health Coverage Can Help Stop the World’s Biggest Killers

The poor and most marginalized population bear the brunt of preventable deaths and diseases like HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, and noncommunicable diseases.

  1. Health Transforms Communities, Economies, and Nations

Affordable healthcare can help families to spend money on their children education, start a business or cope with an emergency.

  1. Health is a Right, Not a Privilege

Access to quality health care should never depend on where you live, how much money you have, or race, gender or age. Access to quality health care is everyone’s right

To Make Universal Health Care a Reality We Need

1. Equity in Access to Health Services: - Everyone who needs the services should get them, not only those who can pay for them.

2. Sufficient Quality Health Services: - The quality of health services should be good enough to improve the health of those receiving the services.

3. Financial Risk Protection: - The cost of using healthcare should not put people at the risk of financial hardships.

The World Health Organization’s Constitution declares that the enjoyment of the highest achievable standard of health is a fundamental human right, and more than half of the world’s countries have included the right to health, public health or medical care in their national constitutions.

Healthy populations equal to prosperous nations. Universal Health Coverage is one of the best investments a country can make!

Universal Health Coverage

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