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World Health Day
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World Health Day

A good food is always a major attraction. Now, when we think of good food, then what comes in our mind first? Yes, of course, it’s Mom's Cooking. Whether it is a simple burger or a little complicated Fried chicken, everything that mom cook at home is always delicious.

There was a time when the only bugs at home we had to worry were ants and centipedes. But now in these modern days, several different kinds of bugs can be found in food too. Yes, there are some bacteria that go to the food. And when you eat bacteria containing food, then you are actually giving a chance to bacteria to come and attack your body. I think you are well aware of the fact that there are several millions of different types of bacteria found almost everywhere in the World.  Even your body contains bacteria. Yes, you are reading it right and so don’t be surprised. Our body is filled with bad as well as good bacteria. And it is in fact, helps in maintaining a proper balance in our overall health.

Baddies (Bad Bacteria)-

What can the bad bacteria do to your body? As the name indicates, bad bacteria can make us very sick. These are the bacteria when spread to some other people can make them sick too. They cause infections in sores and cuts and are also responsible for food poisoning. These “bad” are the only reason why we disinfect our hands after finishing work in the kitchen and after using washrooms because at these places, germs tend to congregate.

Goodies (Good bacteria)-

If there are bad bacteria, then good ones are also here. Yes, you are right; they are good for your health. Good bacteria help our body digest food and absorb nutrients easily. Not only this, they also produce several important vitamins including folic acid, niacin, and vitamins B6 and B12 in the intestinal tract that maintains good digestive health. There are some foods that contain good bacteria and they include yogurt, buttermilk, and cheese with live active culture.

So, on this World Health Day, our main goal at IndiaMedicalHub is to make people alert that the food they are eating is safe to consume. In order to avoid any risk of food poisoning, you must ensure that the food you are eating is totally safe. But how can you make sure that your food is safe? For this, we are giving you some care tips and following them will help to maintain your food as safe as possible.

General Food Safety Tips-

  • Make sure your hands are clean before cooking. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap before handling food in the kitchen.
  • Always separate raw and cooked foods. Try not to use the same utensil, whether it is a knife or any other utensil, for raw and cooked foods. Do not carry the two of them in the same bag while buying groceries. Put them in separate bags.
  • Cook food thoroughly. Make sure your food is cooked properly. You can kill the harmful bacteria that cause food-borne illness by cooking your food properly at high temperature for a long enough time.
  • Keep food at safe temperature. Bacteria generally starts to attack the food two hours after it is prepared. So better you keep your cooked food at safe temperature.
  • Use safe water and raw materials to make food. Wash the fruits and vegetables thoroughly before cooking. Always use safe water to cook food. If you are not sure the water you are using is safe or not, then boil it first for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Chill. Refrigerate leftovers promptly within two hours of preparation.

So, we have discussed all the necessary food safety tips to ensure your good health. Now, it is your turn to follow them, if you really want to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

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World Health Day

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