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Explore your niche market with New Age 2D and 3D scientific, medical and healthcare videos: Medical animations have found a stable place in the field of medical science due to strong reasons. Sometimes, people find it difficult to understand any health problem. To make the medical terminologies easier to understand, 2d and 3d medical animation videos are made. So, we at India Medical Hub, aim to spread awareness about various health problems via scientific animations to help you to live a healthy life. With 2d healthcare videos, we cast critical healthcare information creatively to make people aware of them.

Now, healthcare has recognizedthe potential of stunning Medical Animations. No other technology can illustrate and express the actual science behind a biological process and capture it at a stage that cannot be reproduced through live action, like a Medical or Scientific Animation does. Even in Pharmaceuticals, a high-quality Pharma medical animation created for showing mode of action (MOA) of a drug plays like a movie in which the drug molecules fight the evil forces of diseases and infections.

At India Medical Hub, we will enable you to educate and empower your patients or customers. By using 2D or 3D medical animations videos, you can even present more complex ideas in a format that is easy to understand for common people or patients. We have also developed a capability to showcase, explain and train on any medical and industrial devices.And we can also evolve a medical animation with the changing trends of design, software, gadgets, and interfaces.

So, you need not look any further, we have years of expertise and capability to help you reach a larger number of audiences by maximizing the use of modern scientific animation technology.

Safe Motherhood - Seventh Week Pregnancy (Part 4)

Category : Pregnancy

Author    :  Admin

When are you going for your first ultrasoundscan? Are you excited to see your baby for the first time in the scan? 7th week is the right time to go for the first scan. Many things can be predicted with your first USG. Watch the video

International Yoga Day

Category : Healthy Living

Author    :  Admin

Can we maintain our good overall health, naturally? Yes, there is one such way for it. It’s yoga. Practicing yoga with the right way can give you the best results. On this International Yoga Day, let us pledge with #IndiaMedicalHub to make yoga an integral part of our daily routine to get the benefit. Visit our video:

World Environment Day

Category : Awareness

Author    :  Admin

On, World Environment Day, #IndiaMedicalHub aims to spread awareness and make your surrounding environment friendlier by planting more plants. Now together we can save the environment. Visit our video and see environment care tips to grow healthy plants.

World Hand Hygiene Day

Category : General Health

Author    :  Admin

Keep your hands clean with good washing techniques. Stop bacterial infections. On this #WorldHandHygieneDay,  IndiaMedicaHub is giving you a right way to wash your hands. Save yourself and your family!!

World Health Day

Category : General

Author    :  Admin

On World Health Day, our main goal at #IndiaMedicalHub is to make people alert that the food they are eating is safe to consume. Please visit India Medical Hub and share this video to help create awareness! Visit our video!!

Colorectal Cancer

Category : Colorectal Cancer

Author    :  Admin

You are eating well, You are staying active, you are enjoying a Healthy LifeStyle. But Have you been screened for Colon cancer? #ColorectalCancer or colon cancer is any cancer that affects the colon (large bowel) and rectum (back passage).Get Educated, Get Screened for #ColonCancer. Please visit #IndiaMedicalHub and share this video to help create awareness!

National Children's Dental Health Month

Category : Dental

Author    :  Admin

February is National Children’s DentalHealth Month which is meant to raise awareness about the importance of oralhealth. When it comes to oral health care for kids, it’s all about education and making oral care fun.

Women Heart Health

Category : Women's Health

Author    :  Admin

1 in 3 women are living with some form of cardiovascular disease. Join #IndiaMedicalHub in wearing red on February 3 to support Women Heart Health Awareness.

Did you know that 8.2 million people die from cancer worldwide every year & more than half of all cancers are preventable!! On this World Cancer Day join hands with #IndiaMedicalHub to raise awareness and educate people about cancer.

Who is This Monster?

Category : Infectious Diseases

Author    :  Admin

They have 100 million years of existence & the ability to reach anywhere. Who are “They”? Watch this video, brainstorm about this Beast and share your wide guesses. Stay connected with #IndiaMedicalHub to unveil the monster.

Critical Health Signs Ignored

Category : Urology

Author    :  Admin

We may be Smart, Good, and Conscious as Individuals! But there are a lot of Critical Health signs we ignore. What is it, we often ignore? Stay connected with #IndiaMedicalHub as we unveil the indication this Friday.

Women at Risk

Category : Breast Cancer

Author    :  Admin

It is not just HER who is suffering, it is HIM too! But women are at a greater Risk of it. Watch the VIDEO from #IndiaMedicalHub and stay tuned until Friday to know more!

Destroying the Brain Neuron

Category : Neurology

Author    :  Admin

Just like the supervisor, body’s Immune System works for the benefit of the Nervous System and Brain Neurons. But what if it starts to act against the body and reduces it to ashes? Watch the SECOND TEASER to guess the name of the medical condition associated with the situation. Stay connected with #IndiaMedicalHub until Friday to know more!

Disbelief about Fertility

Category : Trying to Conceive

Author    :  Admin

Fertility is not just a woman's problem - #IndiaMedicalHub aims to overcome the common misconception and the disbelief. Watch through a story as it progresses and stay connected until Friday to know more!

Check Your Neck | Thyroid Awareness

Category : Thyroid

Author    :  Admin

January is Thyroid Awareness Month!!! Thyroid may be small, but plays a vital role in our body. Be aware, check your neck and do not let issues with your health go untreated! 

Shop Smart this Holiday Season|Awareness

Category : Parenting

Author    :  Admin

December is Safe Toys and Gifts Month! Keep the safety and age of children in mind when buying presents this holiday season! #IndiaMedicalHub

Disability is not Inability

Category : Disability

Author    :  Admin

Disability is not inability, it is being differently able! Join hands with #IndiaMedicalHub to encourage a better understanding of people affected by disability and make people more aware of the rights, dignity, and welfare of disabled people.

Avoiding sunscreen will make your Skin pop!! Always wear sunscreen when in sun to avoid harmful effects. Get advice from dermatologists at #IndiaMedicalHub on a suitable SPF range sunscreen & get rid of those prickly skin troubles!

World AIDS Day|Awareness

Category : HIV

Author    :  Admin

HIV does not spread through hugging, holding hands or sharing things! This World AIDS Day let’s pledge to fight prejudices and spread awareness for those living with HIV. #IndiaMedicalHub

Childhood Obesity rates are alarming. As parents, you have a huge role to play in making sure your child eats healthy. One way to minimize health risk is to limit eating outside. 

Be Active to Stop Diabetes

Category : Diabetes

Author    :  Admin

Did you know that every 8 seconds a person dies of diabetes!! Let’s join hands with #IndiaMedicalHub on November 14 the World Diabetes Day, to raise awareness about the disease. 

Certain people are more likely to get sick with pneumonia, an infection of the lungs. Every breath counts. Stop pneumonia now! This World Pneumonia Day find out how good hygiene practices and vaccines can help prevent this serious illness. 
#WorldPneumoniaDay #IndiaMedicalHub 

Lung Cancer Explained|Awareness

Category : Lung Cancer

Author    :  Admin

Someone somewhere dies of Lung Cancer every 30 seconds. Its symptoms can be mistaken for other problems like lung infection or allergy. Join hands with #IndiaMedicalHub to spread the awareness to fight Lung Cancer.

Safeguard Yourself against Autumn Allergies

Category : Asthma

Author    :  Admin

Autumn is Beautiful, but those AUTUMN ALLERGIES are not! Watery/Itchy Eyes or Skin Problems can make your day Miserable. However, there are Measures you can take to minimize the risk of Allergy Attacks. Check out this Video from #IndiaMedicalHub for coping with allergies this autumn season.

Let’s pay a tribute to Bapu on Gandhi Jayanti by fulfilling his dream to make India Drug-Free & Swachh this Anti Drug Addiction Day. #IndiaMedicalHub

Stop your Heart from running towards the #UNHEALTHY! Instead find healthy yet appetizing options. Make some heart choices on this World Heart Day. #IndiaMedicalHub

Blood Cancer

Category : Leukemia & Lymphoma

Author    :  Admin

Someone in the world is diagnosed with Blood Cancer (Leukaemia) every 3 seconds! This September, the Blood Cancer Awareness Month, let's know the causes and symptoms better to fight the 10th most common cancer. An initiative of #IndiaMedicalHub for Blood Cancer Awareness.

This “World’s Alzheimer’s Day” let us take an initiative to spread the awareness about the condition affecting more than 40 million people worldwide. Adopt healthy habits and take timely consultation to slowdown its progression! #IndiaMedicalHub

Glaucoma - A Silent Thief of Vision

Category : Eye Care

Author    :  Admin

Glaucoma silently reduces the vision & is the leading cause of irreversible blindness, but early screening and treatment can preserve your vision. Talk to ophthalmologist only at India Medical Hub for comprehensive treatment.

Medical Animations