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Medical Animations

World Environment Day

On, World Environment Day, #IndiaMedicalHub aims to spread awareness and make your surrounding environment friendlier by planting more plants. Now together we can save the environment. Visit our video and see environment care tips to grow healthy plants.

World Thalassemia Day

Thalassemia, a genetic blood disorder, leads to anemia. Blood transfusions are required every 2 to 3 weeks. So, on "World Thalassemia Day" the main goal of #IndiaMedicalHub is to create awareness among people about this lethal disease.

World Kidney Day

On World Kidney Day take a step to reduce the frequency and impact of kidney diseases. #IndiaMedicalHub focusing on the importance of the kidneys.

Save your kidney!! Save your life!!

Antibiotic Awareness Week

This AntibioticAwarenessWeek keep in mind to take prescribed antibiotics only! Never share your antibiotics, not even with your family. An initiative of #IndiaMedicalHub.

Preventive Patient Safety Measures|Awareness

Patient safety is crucial and everyone’s responsibility! On the occasion of World Patient SafetyDay #IndiaMedicalHub raises awareness about the safety of patients by providing preventable measures. 

Anti-Obesity Awareness

This World Anti Obesity Day let’s shape the destiny of India towards a Healthy Future. Spread awareness regarding this raging problem and keep Obesity and all related ailments at bay! #IndiaMedicalHub

World Polio Day|Awareness|WHO

Polio is a crippling and potentially fatal infectious disease! On World Polio Day join hands with WHO to spread awareness and make a pledge to End Polio Now with proper Immunization. An initiative of #IndiaMedicalHub

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