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Medical Animations

Who is This Monster?

They have 100 million years of existence & the ability to reach anywhere. Who are “They”? Watch this video, brainstorm about this Beast and share your wide guesses. Stay connected with #IndiaMedicalHub to unveil the monster.

Who the deadly monster is?

#IndiaMedicalHub is all set to tackle world’s most dangerous monster responsible for taking more than a million lives every year. Watch the video and GUESS who these devils are? STAY TUNED AS WE REVEAL WHO THE MONSTER IS!


There are some monsters on this globe who have become a threat to human health and existence - The Deadly MOSQUITOES! India Medical Hub in association with medical experts reveal some startling facts and research about mosquito bites and preventive measures to save yourself, your family and your neighborhood from the deadly bite of the mosquitoes that cause diseases like Malaria, Chikungunya, Dengue, Filariasis, Encephalitis, and more.

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