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Medical Animations

Destroying the Brain Neuron

Just like the supervisor, body’s Immune System works for the benefit of the Nervous System and Brain Neurons. But what if it starts to act against the body and reduces it to ashes? Watch the SECOND TEASER to guess the name of the medical condition associated with the situation. Stay connected with #IndiaMedicalHub until Friday to know more!

Army Attacking Itself

Two Armies ready to ATTACK each other, but what if an Army’s Own Soldiers start Murdering their co-soldiers? Watch this VIDEO to interpret a similar condition that happens in the Human Brain. Stay tuned to #IndiaMedicalHub to know more!

Multiple Sclerosis:Fight,Win and Live with Strength

Multiple Sclerosis - A disease in which the immune system destroys the protective covering of nerves causing multiple challenging symptoms. Watch this video from #IndiaMedicalHub to effectively manage and live with MS.

Unknown Facts About Brain Stroke

Stroke is the 3rd common cause of death after cancer and Ischemic Heart Disease (IHD). It’s high time to know about the symptoms of the condition. Watch the video to know more facts. #IndiaMedicalHub

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