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Safe Motherhood - Seventh Week Pregnancy (Part 4)

When are you going for your first ultrasoundscan? Are you excited to see your baby for the first time in the scan? 7th week is the right time to go for the first scan. Many things can be predicted with your first USG. Watch the video

Safe Motherhood - Seventh Week Pregnancy (Part 3)

What’s going on with your baby at 7th week of pregnancy? What about his facial features? Is it possible to see his toes and fingers in the ultrasoundscan? To know the answers of all these exciting questions, watch the video right now

Safe Motherhood - Seventh Week Pregnancy (Part 2)

So, it is your 7th week of pregnancy. Well, now it is a time to buy the maternity clothes because chances are your jeans may not fit comfortably. What more is going inside your body? To know, watch the video right now .

Safe Motherhood - Seventh Week Pregnancy

Now you have entered 7th week of your pregnancy. You are in the middle of your first trimester. A lot is happening and everything is going quickly. It is a good time to go to your gynaecologist and have a check up. To know more about what’s going watch the video

Safe Motherhood - Sixth Week Pregnancy (Part 5)

You cannot enjoy your motherhood if you do not follow care tips. What are those care tips which you must follow to deliver a healthybaby? We, at #IndiaMedicalHub, are sharing a video describing some caretipsto follow when you are in the 6th weekofpregnancy. So, follow them right from now. Visit:

Safe Motherhood - Sixth Week Pregnancy (Part 4)

How much weight should you gain or lose during pregnancy? What is the range of body weight which you should maintain? Is there any connection between C-section and premature birth with your body weight? You will get an answer to all these questions in this video, watch it right now and manage your weight accordingly.


Safe Motherhood - Sixth Week Pregnancy (Part 3)

Are you having twins in your womb? If yes, then many congratulations! But now you have to take extra care of yourself because you are having a high risk of developing pregnancy complications. You will need more frequent checkups in order to have safemotherhood.Watch the video, know the complications and take care accordingly.

Safe Motherhood - Sixth Week Pregnancy (Part 2)

How your baby looks like? During the 6th week of your pregnancy, your baby is about the size of a lentil. Your baby’s heart is beating twice the rate of your heart. What is more happening? How your baby is growing? Watch the video now to know every little detail about your baby. Stay tuned for more updates or visit



Safe Motherhood - Sixth Week Pregnancy (Part 1)

Pregnancy is an exciting time. If you have entered 6th week of your pregnancy, then you will experience frequent urination, develop an emotional feeling and much more. All such changes occur due to pregnancy hormones. #IndiaMedicalHub is giving you the details that happen during the 6th week of pregnancy. 

Safe Motherhood - Fifth Week Pregnancy (Part 5)

Being pregnant is a wonderful feeling. Every mother wants to enjoy a safe motherhood which can be achieved by taking extra care of yourself and by following # healthy pregnancy tips. As you are now in the fifth week of pregnancy, make sure you are following all healthy tips. To know the details of care tips, watch this video now

Safe Motherhood - Fifth Week Pregnancy (Part 4)

How can we prevent miscarriage? What are the causes? Here we, at #IndiaMedicalHub, are sharing some care tips and following them can help prevent miscarriage. So what are you waiting for? Watch the video right now and share with your friend or loved ones, in case they are pregnant, and ask them to follow these care tips.

Safe Motherhood - Fifth Week Pregnancy (Part 3)

Do you notice bright red bleeding with cramps or severe back pain at 5th week of pregnancy? It can be a miscarriage. Be careful. Many women think they are having a late period rather than a miscarriage. Watch the video right now and know the signs. And if these signs occur to you, don’t wait to see your doctor

Safe Motherhood - Fifth Week Pregnancy (Part 2)

What happens during the 5th week of your pregnancy? How your baby appears? Although you may not look pregnant, the heart of your baby has begun to beat. More interesting things happen. To give you more details, we at #IndiaMedicalHub are sharing details on fetal development that occur during the 5th week of pregnancy

Safe Motherhood - Fifth Week Pregnancy (Part 1)

Now, you have entered the fifth week of your pregnancy. You have missed your menstrual periods and now the pregnancy test should have come positive. Due to increased level of the pregnancy hormone, you will experience breast changes, moodswings, frequent urination and much more. 

Safe Motherhood - Fourth Week Pregnancy (Part 4)

4th week is the most important stage of your baby’s internal development. So if you are having any bad habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol, then it is the time to quit all these bad habits. Here, we are sharing some care tips to follow. So watch it and do not forget to follow them.

Safe Motherhood - Fourth Week Pregnancy (Part 3)

Now, we at India Medical Hub, are sharing a video to give you details about fetal development during the 4th week of #pregnancy. How long your embryo is now? Do his or her legs and arms have developed? You will get the answer to this question in this video So what are you waiting for? Watch right now.

Safe Motherhood - Fourth Week Pregnancy (Part 2)

What are the changes that occur inside your body during the  4th week of your pregnancy? You may experience anxiety, vomiting, fainting, dizziness, #ausea, lightheadedness and moodswings. All these signs occur due to pregnancy hormone, hCG. Watch the video to know more about body changes.


Safe Motherhood - Fourth Week Pregnancy (Part 1)

Now, you are one month pregnant. You have completed 4th week of pregnancy. Everything seems to be normal from outside but you are actually undergoing great changes from inside. What are that changes? We at #IndiaMedicalHub are sharing a video to give you more details. To know, watch the video right now at

Safe Motherhood - Third Week Pregnancy (Part 4)

We have discussed the changes that occur inside your body during the 3rd week of pregnancy in our last video. What about your baby? How it appears during the 3rd week of pregnancy? To know the answer, watch the video now. Guard yourself against all the negative factors. Next, we will update you what happens in the 4th week of your pregnancy. Visit our video:

Safe Motherhood - Third week pregnancy (Part 3)

What is the most important event during the 3rd week of pregnancy? It’s fertilisation. And then what happens after fertilisation? We, at #IndiaMedicalHub, are now sharing the changes that occur after fertilisation. So, watch the video now, and take care of yourself accordingly. Visit our video

Safe Motherhood - Third Week Pregnancy (Part 2)

What it feels to be in the 3rd week of #pregnancy? Some women may feel a new life inside them while some may not. Watch the video now and Check out, if you are also experiencing any such symptoms. Next, we will update you with what happens inside your body during 3rd week. Visit our video and get more information.

Safe Motherhood - Third Week Pregnancy (Part 1)

You have entered now 3rd week of pregnancy. Division of fertilised egg takes place. You may become pregnant with twins or triplets. To know more about what happens during this week, #IndiaMedicalHub is sharing a video. So, watch the video now and stay tuned for more updates!!

National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month - End the Early Age Stigma!

On "National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month" #IndiaMedicalHub aims to spread awareness about the common issues of teenpregnancy involving reasons, health risks and various ways to prevent this serious issue. Visit:

Birth Defects Prevention | India Medical Hub

Pregnancy can be a wonderful thing but drug and alcohol can cause some birth defects in your baby. So, QuitSmoking. Stop taking drugsandalcohol. On this birthdefects awareness week, we at #IndiaMedicalHub are sharing the causes of birth defects and precautions to reduce the risk. Watch video to know more

Safe Motherhood - First & Second Week Pregnancy (Part 5)

There are some things which you must avoid to have safe motherhood. We at, #IndiaMedicalHub are now sharing - What are the things you should not do during pregnancy? Watch this video now and strictly avoid these things to avoid complications. Enjoy the #HealthyPregnancy!!

Safe Motherhood - First & Second Week Pregnancy (Part 4)

Hope you have started following the food safety tips which we have discussed in our previous video. Now, we at #IndiaMedicalHub are sharing some precautions to follow during pregnancy weeks. So, watch this video now to enjoy the journey of safemotherhood.

Safe Motherhood - First & Second Week Pregnancy (Part 3)

After discussing changes in the body in our last video, we at #IndiaMedicalHub are now sharing some details about diet. Follow the healthy diet. Take a folic acid supplement. Follow food safety tips. Have a safe pregnancy. Next, we will update you with precautions to follow. So stay in touch. Visit:

Safe Motherhood - Second Week Pregnancy

After the first week, we, at India Medical Hub, are now sharing what happens to your body during the second week of your pregnancy. You will feel moody and cranky now. You will hate some foods. Your breast will be larger. Watch the video to get more information. We will soon update you with the next week details. So, till then take care of yourself.

Safe Motherhood - One Week Pregnancy

A journey of motherhood starts when you get pregnant for the first time. So, on this Mothers Day, India Medical Hub is giving you all the details about your body and your baby when you are one week pregnant to ensure the safe motherhood. We will soon share the details for the second week, third week and so on. So stay tuned!!

National Safe Motherhood Day

India’s maternal mortality ratio is 301 i.e. one woman dies every seven minutes. #IndiaMedicalHub wants to Educate every woman with our animated videos that will cover all your concerns related to your pregnancy so that you can give birth to a healthy baby.
Happy National Safe Motherhood Day!!


Surrogacy is redefining motherhood. Making a path towards parenting easier on everyone, this animated short answers a few of the common questions about Surrogacy.
#IndiaMedicalHub Thanks to the amazing team at #JanneeFertilityCentrefor making us a part of this

Prenatal Infection

Prenatal Infections  are caused by bacteria or viruses that can be passed from mother to her baby during pregnancy or delivery. Please visit #IndiaMedicalHub and share this video to help create awareness of prenatal infections, and to be contributing to the goal of ensuring healthy mothers and infants.

Birth Defects Prevention

Birth defects are the leading cause of death in children less than 1 year of age. Please visit #IndiaMedicalHub and share this video to help create awareness! 

Importance of Folic Acid

It is Folic Acid Awareness Week! Join #IndiaMedicalHub in this Global effort to raise awareness about the importance of folic acid in the prevention of Neural Tube Birth Defects (NTDs) and other related ailments.

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