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Medical Animations

Critical Health Signs Ignored

We may be Smart, Good, and Conscious as Individuals! But there are a lot of Critical Health signs we ignore. What is it, we often ignore? Stay connected with #IndiaMedicalHub as we unveil the indication this Friday.

Ignoring The Colour Red Could Be Critical

Just like the rust corrodes the strongest iron bridge, similarly a healthy body is destroyed by ignoring the dangerous RED colour! Don’t overlook this colour RED. Watch the VIDEO and stay tuned to know more only at #IndiaMedicalHub!

Don’t Ignore Blood in Urine (Hematuria)

Hematuria is a medical term meaning “Blood in Urine”. Don’t ignore this, immediately seek medical advice! It may be associated with increased risk of Kidney Disease. Watch this Video from #IndiaMedicalHub to know about the treatment options.

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